Hush@Community: Antarctica Special | Silence. Self Care. South Pole.


“Work is worship - there is not enough worklife balance today – workplace leaders should start thinking about how investments can be made in employees’ mental, physical and spiritual well-being - if this is taken care of, employees will give 200% into the organisation's core vision."
- Raja Karthikeya, Senior Staff, Department Of Political Affair, United Nations HQ, New York


Most people spend 1/3 of their lives at work.
Are you doing enough to take care of your well being?
What does self care at workplace mean to you?


In March 2018, Hush Founder, Anthea Ong, embarked on a leadership expedition to Antarctica with 80 other global change-makers from 22 countries, led by world-renowned explorer, Sir Robert Swan, as part of the 2041 ClimateForce Leadership on the Edge Antarctica Expedition, fighting climate change specifically, but each global change-makers was there to raise awareness for different causes, and Anthea was the only change-maker to champion self-care and workplace wellness.

Anthea facilitated a modified Hush in Antarctica session with the Gratitude TeaRitual on board Ocean Endeavour - Self care came up naturally in the sharing after, not surprising given that all are leaders and driven by passion and excellence. Stress does not discriminate whether in India, France, UK, USA, China or Tanzania. And all agreed that more care has to be given to self care - that this must be an intentional practice by the individual, and institutionalised in workplaces around the world.

"What can change is the ability to bring empathy and compassion to the workplace. Better self-care and employee well-being is to help managers transit from a traditional mindset of looking at the economic performance of the team to looking at the well-being of the team."
- Anjuli Pandit, Head Of UK Sustainability, Banque Nationale de Paris

Come hear her fellow changemakers from the Expedition share their views on self care, workplace mental health and some of the inclusive practices that their organisations employ in this area. You will also get to go through the Hush experience 1st hand to take that moment of pause.


is Singapore 1st Silent TeaBar. A social movement determined to bring the worlds of the Hearing and the Deaf as well as PMHIs (person with mental health issues) together and encourage experiential inclusion- with a cup of tea. In the last 3 years, we have brought the quiet respite to more than 100 organisations and groups with the likes of Google, DBS, Credit Suisse, PwC, Deutsche Bank, MOE, MOHH, MCCY, Dow Chemical, Dell, just to name a few.

We could do more. For happy employees equates to better business and thus, a better world. We would like to invite you to a special edition of our Hush@Community session - to come together collectively to Hush, Share, and Action to building a better nation, for good.

Hush@Community:Antarctica Special

Silence. Self Care. South Pole.

A unique 4-zone journey of quiet respite through our (themed) TeaReflection journey, TeaArt making and TeaWisdom sharing. Experiential empathy completely led by the Deaf, with silence and in silence. A pause to slow down for self care and genuine connections with others and the community and connect from a place of awareness and authenticity. In silence, we remember who we are and who we are to each other.

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Date: 17 May | Time: 7pm-9pm | Venue: Found. (previously known as ImpactHub)
$50 ($53.44 including booking fees)

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+ Full Hush Experience. Take a Pause.
- Facilitated by the Deaf, with silence and in silence.

+ Participant Sharing and Reflections.
- Faciliated by Anthea.

+ Anthea in Antarctica: Dare to Share.
- Of Ice, Penguins, Whales and that Polar Plunge.

+ Video Stories from Global Changemakers in Antarctica.

+ How Can We Care More?
- National effort on Self Care and Workplace Wellness.

Come join us. Hear about Antarctica. Dare to Care for Self Care at the Workplace

Email hush@hushteabar.com for inquiry.

[This event is supported by Found. is a network of innovation studios where ambitious entrepreneurs and corporates find coaching, expertise, and partners to create future-ready solutions.]


Rush to Hush. Singapore 1st Silent TeaBar.
Bring Hush to your Workplace for Self Care, Community Empowerment and Inclusion.

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Thu May 17, 2018
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM SGT
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